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We specialize in products for the backflow industry. We stock everything from test equipment to enclosures and are able to do special orders for just what you want.

Our specialty is stocking repair kits for all current makes, models, and sizes of backflow preventers and some that are not produced any longer.

Feel free to e-mail or click on the "contact us" link on the menu bar to request any information that you may need such as product specification sheets, repair and maintenance information, price quotes or availability if you would rather deal with a person instead of a computer.

You will not find on this web page a list of individual parts or repair kits. We have provided you links to the manufacturers websites, which most of them have. Just follow their instructions to download their repair, maintenance and specification sheets.

We also have most of this info on our List Prices and Info page that you can click on from the top of any page.

We offer the best price on the Mid-West 845-5!

$695.00 + shipping and taxes if applicable.

We want to earn your business!!  Check our pricing!  We are very competitive and often have better pricing than found elsewhere.  If you have not tried us give us a call.  We believe you will be pleased with the courtesy, respect and service we provide you.  

New Test Kit from Mid-West

Check out the new gauge from Mid-West.  It is the 847.  It is the most accurate gauge Mid-West makes.

Price $925.00

Spec Sheet








Now Selling Watts Water Quality & Conditioning Line!

These include:

Water Conditioning Systems, UV Disinfection Systems, Filter Housings & Accessories, Drinking Water Kits, Drinking Water Systems, Filter Cartridges, and Reverse Osmosis Systems.   





Informative Links

Some of the manufacturers have some good  informational and educational material.  They are good sources to get many answers to your questions about backflow.  I would also recommend the University of Southern California's website for an introduction to cross connection control, definitions, and types of backflow preventers.

Febco's Cross Connection Control Handbook

Watts 50 Cross Connection Questions booklet,  EPA Cross Connection Control Manual, Stop Backflow News, Residential Backflow News.

University of Southern California Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research

Click here for a directory of USC's FCCHR Cross Talk Articles in pdf file format


Repair Videos

Ames Videos:   www.amesfirewater.com or www.youtube.com/amesbrand

Wilkins Videos:   http://www.youtube.com/user/OneZurn

Watts Videos: http://videos.watts.com/