Cross Talk Articles

Cross Talk Articles

How many of you are familiar with these articles from USC?  I think it is fair to say that these people at USC Foundation for Cross-connection Control and Hydraulic Research are experts in the field of backflows.  Since 1967 USC (at least that is as far back as the articles go on their website) has written brief articles using simple wording to help those working in the backflow industry with a variety of questions and issues.

On their site these articles are not indexed.  We have taken the time to go through and index only the articles that are relevant to installing, testing, repairing and understanding backflows.  The link to the web page is  From there scroll down to the archives where they are briefly outlined by issue and by year.

To view or print the indexed articles click here.

What kind of articles are addressed in a Cross Talk Newsletter?

Here is a sample of the titles of articles:

  • Vaults, Pits and Assemblies
  • Oversizing or Undersizing a Backflow Prevention Assembly
  • The Usefulness of the No.1 Test Cock on a DC
  • Gage Squirting
  • Disc Compression
  • Exercising the Relief Valve
  • Testing a Double Check Valve Assembly Vertically
  • Field Modifications DC to a DCDA
  • Direct vs. Indirect Cross-Connection
  • Troubleshooting: There’s more to a Test than Hooking up a Gage
  • Flipping the Disc While Repairing Assemblies
  • Why Does the Relief Valve Opening Point Change?
  • Where did the 3.0 PSID Buffer Recommendation Go?

These articles are quick and easy to read and provide great understanding.  I encourage you to check them out.




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