Enclosures can be a very important part in the installation of a backflow assembly outdoors. It provides protection from vandals, weather, improves the appearance and completes the installation. Putting an enclosure over your assembly can also prolong the life of your backflow preventer and prevent unnecessary repairs caused by freezing, or from overheating by the sun. Trying to cover an assembly with insulation and duct tape can be unsightly, and can actually help the assembly to freeze!!! Do the job right with an enclosure made for backflow assemblies.

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We recommend this cage!  Everything you need to install it except cement comes with this cage.  It has the frame for the cement with it and the mounting hardware is already installed in the frame.  There are no additional items you need to buy to install this.  We have had contractors tell us it is the easiest cage to install.  I have not been able to find a better cage for the money.

They come in several standard sizes and offer custom made cages also.

Manufactured in the USA, our theft & vandalism prevention cages are setting a higher industry standard by featuring:

• Durable DuPont Powder Coated Finishes • Tough Welded Steel Construction • Superior Lock Protection We have a full line of Gorilla Cages available for any asset that you may need to protect. Custom sizing, custom colors and stainless steel are also available.

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Pressure Vacuum Enclosures

Hot Box does not provide a published price book.  Request a Quote here.  Let me know the internal dimensions needed L x W x H.  Let me know if you wanted it insulated, insulated and heated, or no insulation and no heat.  Additionally, do you want a fiberglass enclosure and do you want it a flip top or a lift off.  Also needed to know if you want a rock enclosure and if so do you wan the original rock or the poly rock.

There are so many options. Let me know your requirements.

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The Strong Box cage has become popular this year.  The feature that people like is that the lock is at the top of the cage on the narrow end.  When the lock is removed the end lays down to the ground and the rest of the cage tilts over to the other end of the cage and lays on the ground providing full access to the assembly.  An advantage of the lock at the top is that it is not in a lock guard on the ground that water can build up in and cause the lock to rust.

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To purchase Dekorra Products please send a quote request and provide internal dimensions you need, if you want a rock or insulated bag, or enclosure.  Also specify if you want a rock or enclosure if you want it insulated, insulated with heat, or no insulation and no heat.

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AquaShield is a good alternative to some other higher priced enclosures.  The are certified ASSE 1060-1996 Class I, II, III pertaining to Outdoor Enclosures for Backflow Preventer Assemblies.  Most backflow enclosures can ship next day after order is received.  Custom enclosures ship in 3-5 days after the order is received.  They also offer some additional colors.  

AquaShield does not provide a published price list and their spec sheets, drawings, and submittal sheets can be found here as well as a sizing guide.

You can request a quote by requesting one here.