Mid-West 835 Test Kit Deal!

I have a Mid-West 835 test kit sitting in my stock that I have had for just over a year.  As you know these have 5 year warranties and now just more than a year is gone.  I am willing to sell this model for $725.00.  Typically I sell it for $908 which is list price.

The 835 test kit is really the same test kit as the 845-5 test kit.  The difference is that the 835 comes in a big black carrying case that has a bracket mounted into it that the 835 gauge can be quickly and easily clipped into, and out of.  

The 835 gauge is a great way to transition from the old 830 test kit that is mounted into the same box the 835 is.  But it gives the tester the convenience of removing it from the case to use in those situations where a smaller gauge is needed.  I know many people like the security of the 830 case and it is hard for them to leave that for the newer handheld gauges. 

This kit will slowly transition you.  You may use it with the gauge mounted into the case...until you find the position of needing to be up on a ladder testing one or in some other instance where you need the small gauge and you try the gauge out of the case!  That is when you start the transition from the big carrying case.  You now see and feel the convenience of just the gauge snuggled securely in your hand.  It feels good...even perhaps forbidden but you like it.  Next thing you know you never use it in the case again!  Bam! You are a handheld test kit man! Or woman!

If you want to be a hand held test kit user or you just love a bargain let me know.  I will recertify it before it leaves at no cost. 

Contact me if you are interested.  801-355-6736.  sean@backflow-supply.com 

 835 Spec Sheet

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