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Backflow Coat Insulated Cover

Backflow Coat Insulated Cover

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These are insulated covers made of a UV resistant marine grade material as well as the grommets and twist locks are marine grade as well.  

Not sure of the official R value of these pouches.  It is believed to be R-8.  The insulation used is a reflective double bubble material.  

Keep in mind this insulated pouch and any other is not designed to prevent freezing without a source of heat and/or an enclosure in addition to the insulation.  

The purpose of these insulated covers is to give you some protection as we drop down to the freezing temperatures but warm back up in the day well above freezing.

More sizes are available than what I have listed here currently.  Call me with your dimensions, 801-355-6736 or email to

He will make custom insulated coats and will even add heat tape inside the coat with a self regulating thermostat that activates when the temp inside the bag hits 35 degrees and shuts off at 50 degrees.  Requires 110V power.

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