Who would have thought that blogging would ever become part of doing business?  What can I possibly blog about?  This is backflow.  Does enough change in the backflow industry to blog about?  Even as I say that in the last couple of days we have come up with about ten topics to blog about.  We have also been told that the blog does not need to be about backflow.  So the adventure of blogging begins! We realize that there are always new testers coming into the field.  These new comers have questions.  Questions we can help them with.  We are aware that there are people who have been testing for years, decades and more that forget about trouble shooting or come across a scenario that they have not seen before.  We are a resource for them, for you.  Backflows may only be a small part of what you do, but it is all we do and we love it! This blog will be about questions that we are asked by our customers.  Also we will blog about new assemblies, tools, and equipment.  We will share best practices that come from our customers and others in the industry and will share trouble shooting and other tips and may even throw out some strange scenarios that people come across and share some unique installation pictures.

Merry Christmas

As this is our maiden blog post and Christmas is here in a few days we wanted to introduce our blog and wish everyone a Merry Christmas...or Happy Holidays!  While my preference is to say Merry Christmas we realize that greeting is not for everyone.  Offense is not intended in this greeting and our hope is that offense is not taken.  We simply wish you all the joy that comes in this season. During this time of year find time to be with friends and loved ones.  Spend time getting to know them better, to create memories that will have a long term influence.  Have you thought about the memories that you have from your family Christmases past?  There can be peace and joy in those memories.  If not all memories of this time of year are positive we suggest that you try to make each one better than the one before.  Make the memories as you want them to be! Memories come from the simple things.  The lights, the trees, the songs, the favorite foods and treats.  They come from the traditions you have and share with others.  I even think it comes from the early evenings, the threatening approaching storm and the cold associated with it.  Bundling up to stay warm and lighting the fire are also part of the fond memories for me.  Whatever it is that has created fond memories, continue them, share them with your family.  If your children are raising their own families you may find it enlightening to ask them what their favorite memories are. May you all find joy in this season!


Blogging!  Who knew?

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