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Backflow Supply was started in 1989 by Gary Jenkins, a plumber who was unable to get the backflow parts he needed.  He worked with local plumbing supply houses to get what he needed but parts would take weeks to get and often they were not the right ones.  Gary saw a need and started Backflow Supply.

Initially our customers were mainly contractors and suppliers and a few local homeowners.  But with changes in the industry and the internet becoming what it has, Backflow Supply can reach more contractors, suppliers, and homeowners than ever before!  Governments, school districts, universities and facility managers are all reaching out to us through the internet and helped us to continue to grow!


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We are still a small family-owned business that is small enough to give the personal touch, answer the phone and emails but big enough to stock and supply the needs of our customers.  We also have a YouTube Channel with videos about the products we sell.  You can find us by searching from the YouTube main page, Backflow Supply SLC.

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