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From time to time I have people asking me how they can become certified to test backflow assemblies.  We are fortunate in the Utah and Idaho areas to have some classes to offer that you don't have to travel out of the state for.  For those in surrounding states I think they both do classes in other states as well.  Both of them move around so you will need to check their websites for dates and locations.

Classes offered will prepare you to pass the certification exam that satisfies requirements for the state as well as the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA).  As part of the preparation for the exam you will spend four days understanding cross connections and how to identify them.  You will become familiar with the different types of backflow assemblies, how they are to be installed, tested and maintained.

The last day of the course is the test.  You will then take a written exam followed by a practical exam where you will test the four different types of assemblies.  These instructors will do all in their power to make sure you understand the material and prepare you for the exam.  There is plenty of hands on preparation offered in the classes.  Most importantly these instructors can answer the questions you have.  

Both of these classes have highly capable and knowledgeable instructors.  The two companies are:

Backflow Training Services
Greg Hand 801-554-6052 

BAT & Supply
Backflow Assembly Testing and Supply LLC
Allen and Leslie Wilder 208-456-BATS (2287)

You won't go wrong with either of these classes.  They both have a lot to offer to the backflow industry and those that go through their classes.  


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