How to Buy a Backflow Repair Kit

Backflow Repair Kits and Ordering a Pizza?

Why do people think it is easy to buy a repair kit?  You would think it was easier than ordering a pizza but it isn't.  Like a pizza there are so many options.  There are options so you get the pizza you want.  Repair kits are like that.  There are options to get what you want.

While there are some subtle differences many of the kits offered by Ames, Apollo, Febco, Watts and Wilkins are similar.  For example they all offer rubber kits for the whole assembly, but not all offer rubbers only for a relief valve.  Many offer total rebuild kits as well.  These kits are all the internal parts in one kit.  This can be a benefit for going to a repair job cold and you are not sure what is wrong or it is a long distance away.  It is also an economical way to get all the items in the assembly instead of buying them one at a time.  

Key Ingredient to Buying Repair Kits

But one of the key ingredients in buying a kit is having someone that knows the common issues, understands the trouble shooting and can ask you the right questions to help get you the right kit.  But even more sometimes you just need someone to tell you what you might need to look for.  

All the manufacturers repair kits have things that are a little different from the others.  They may be similar but still just different enough that it can make things confusing.  And to be clear there are many options of kits for each manufacturer, each model and each size.  

One last note about repair kits is that many of the manufacturers have parts that will work in another of their models.  For example, the Wilkins 950XL/975XL line has parts that work in each other.  The Apollo (formally known as Conbraco) has done the same thing with their 40100 and 40200 series and their newer series DC4A and RP4A as well into their new PVB4A.  Ames has some kits that cross over.  For example the #2 check of a 4000SS 2 1/2" - 4" is the same as the #2 check of a 2000SS of the same size.  And did you know on the 2000SS there is a check that is called a "low flow" check that is selected for values closer to 1.0? Watts makes it a little more difficult with their series but there are parts that cross over between double checks and reduced pressure as well as for the "M" designations.

The Right Part Combination

The bottom line is that there is value to buying your backflow parts from the place that helps you get what you need, what you want.  Backflow Supply is such a place.  Like ordering a pizza you never want to get home and find out you got the wrong pizza or they put something on you didn't ask for or didn't put something on you wanted, Backflow Supply can make sure you get to the job with what you need.

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