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Last time the topic was blogging.  This week Facebook.  This is something else that appears to be critical to doing business in today's world.  I consider myself fairly tech savvy but I am beginning to realize there is more to know about using social media to do business.  Facebook is one of these methods.  While I have had a Facebook page for several years both personal and business I have not used it well.  In fact I understand that by posting more often for business can somehow help search results when individuals search for your company.


Facebook "Like"

"Likes" are important and it is good to post relevant information.  It is also a good place for people to review the business.  I would invite you all to go to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/backflowsupply and like us.  If you have done business with us I encourage you to review us there as well. Please post to it as well.  Customer posts are enjoyable to see and hear about what you come across in the field.  Take pictures of what you find as your working on the assemblies.  What are the challenges of testing and repairing the assemblies?  Even the oddball installations are fun to see and learn from.

Benefits of Facebook

Many of us use Facebook for keeping up with friends and families and the occasional "Facebook stalking" of others that we barely know.  It can be a good source of entertainment as we watch the silly, dumb, and downright hilarious antics of others and finding a good recipe. But it is a good resource for business.  In this industry of backflow testing and repairing it is good to see what others are coming across and what they are doing to resolve installation and repair problems and even dealing with jurisdictions.  Bottom line is Facebook can be a tool.   I recently found a Facebook page that seems to have active participation from its followers.  There is good information, pictures, videos and comments and some fun banter among its group.  It is a group and it is called Backflow Headquarters. I have found these other related Facebook pages you maybe interested in. Apollo Watts Searching for "Watts Backflow" I found this page.  Try doing this type of search for all the manufacturers. I searched for all the manufacturers but could only find the two above.  Let me know if anyone else has found the sites of the manufacturers.

What else?

What else can be done with Facebook for business?  I am sure that there are many out there that are more versed in how to use it.  Perhaps I need to go find a grade school student to teach me!  It certainly would help my ego if I learned from my peers.

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