Fire Sprinkler Backflow Customer Shout Out!

Thank You! To our Backflow Fire Supply Customers. 

I wanted to express out thanks to our fire customers for their loyalty and continued support to us. We also value our relationships with all of our other customers and appreciate their loyalty and support as well. They were the customers we started this business with and kept us in business but there seems to be a trend recently.

When I started working in this industry twenty years ago our main customers were plumbers and independent testers. Of course we had the governments, school districts, universities, and large commercial production companies as well but the one industry that was largely missing was the fire industry.

When Did it Happen?

I am not even sure when it happened. One day I just realized that much of our business was coming from the fire contractors. But they are not only doing the fire backflows but all installations and repairs of backflows regardless of use. Their customers have multiple other applications that require backflows on the property and it seemed to be a natural addition to have the fire company test and repair other backflow assemblies while they are there testing the fire system. What a great added service for their customers.

Now as I type this I know that there are plumbers and backflow testers in general that get upset that the fire companies are taking away some of their business. Sometimes it is only because they are uncomfortable testing a fire system for fear of setting off an alarm or other concern. Codes in some parts of the country requires you to be licensed, and I am not sure how to word this, but to have a license or certification to do anything on a fire system including a backflow test even though you have a license/certification to test backflow assemblies. I do not have a good resolution to this conflict.

I just wanted to give a shout out to the fire customers and let you know how much we appreciate your business!

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