Mid-West 845 Test Kit Benefits

I have been selling backflow repair kits and test kits and calibrating test kits for twenty years now.  And of all those available out there the one I sell the most of and calibrate is the Mid-West 845 test kit.  

I want to give my professional opinion of this test kit in the form of a bullet list.

  • Economical 
  • Widely used
  • Offered in different configurations: 5 valve, 3 valve, or 2 valve
  • Holds it's calibration well
  • Offers a 5 year warranty
  • Easy and convenient to use (comes out of supplied carry case)
  • Cleanable / replaceable hose filters 
  • Replaceable seats for valves
  • Easy to read dial
  • Come calibrated from the factory ready to use out of the box.  
  • Authorized Calibration / Service Centers close to you which we proudly are one of!

Most likelyMid-West 845 Test kit many of you learned how to test backflow assemblies in your training classes using a Mid-West test kit.  Mid-West has done a fantastic job of getting their kits into new testers hands in the class.  There you learn how to use the gauge and you can feel it and experience it before you buy it.  They have made the hoses and knobs color coded to simplify hooking your gauge to the backflow assembly.

One note about the valve configurations.  While in the part of the country that I am in the 5 valve configuration is the most popular there are others areas where the 3 valve is more dominant.  I believe the 2 valve is more of a personal preference than anything.  There is a great value to getting the configuration you are most comfortable with and encourage you to do so and you won't regret your choice.

When it comes time to get your test kit calibrated I recommend you  select one (or us!) from the list that came in your test kit when it was purchased.  There are many places willing to verify or attempt to do simple calibrations that are not a Mid-West authorized service center but I have found several will tell you that it can't be calibrated and it needs to be repaired for various reasons.  When that happens and I receive the kit almost every time I determine it to be no more than a calibration.

I encourage you to contact me if you have specific questions about the Mid-West gauges.  I would be pleased to help you select your new MidWest Test Kit!

Have a question? Leave it below and we will be sure to answer. 


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