Prices Are A Change 'n! and Pricing Value

Prices Are Changing

As the saying goes the only constant is change.  And so it is with the list prices of the manufacturers.  As of today Apollo prices changed 1/23/17 and Wilkins changed 2/1/17.  Ames, Febco and Watts will change 2/27/17. This being the case some price changes, especially the assemblies is sometimes a little slower to change as I wait for the reps for these companies to provide us our new net pricing for assemblies and other items like ball valves, tools, air gaps, and other accessories that do not fall under a standard multiplier.  This doesn't mean however that they will honor the old prices on these items.  Pricing these items can be a little rocky during this time period.  I encourage you to call to verify pricing. I want to remind you that we will move as quickly as we can to update the pricing in our computer system, web page and literature, but this is a time consuming process when the manufacturers all do it at once. Spoiler Alert!  As far as I can tell the Ames, Febco and Watts repair kit prices are not changing.  On their websites the list price booklets can be downloaded, except for Watts.  It is still their old price booklet and I do not know if it will change.


Pricing Value

Although prices are changing there are some things to consider to get the best value for your money.  First, is it possible for you to group orders?  Often the shipping is the same or increases in small increments for anything above the initial pound when shipping.  That means that instead of ordering just one rubber kit for example it is wise to consider what other common kits you use that can help you be more efficient when it comes to doing repairs. Second, many of the manufacturers have created complete rebuild kits for their assemblies.  These are every removable part inside the assembly.  It is often less to buy it this way then to buy them individually or even not getting the complete kits individually.  For example, buying the complete #1 and #2 checks and the RV rubbers is almost the same cost as buying the total rebuild kit. How does this help you?  If you buy a complete kit for a model you have every part you might possibly need to repair it.  But even if you only need the complete #1 check kit you could sell just that item and charge it at the price of what a #1 check kit would cost for just that.  Not only do you have the item on hand saving you a return trip but because you bought it all together you can piece it out and make a little more than you would have buying it individually and still not overcharging your customer. Third, sometimes it is not cost effective to buy a complete kit but to buy individual kits or items to make up a complete kit.  This is way you need us!  We know these things.  You will never find this information by just shopping online. Go to our Pricing/Maintenance/Resource page for the price lists. Get the most for your money, call us to order your parts or just to question us about the best way to buy your parts!

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