How to Find the Correct Repair Kit For Your Backflow Assemblies

Occasionally as a homeowner or business owner you will need to decide if you want to repair a backflow assembly yourself or hire it to be done.  The idea of repairing it yourself may not be intimidating but knowing what kit to purchase and where to purchase can be.  If you decide to do it yourself continue reading.

Repairing Backflow Assemblies

Backflow Assemblies mechanically are really simple.  The actual determination of what is wrong can be difficult.  You may take it apart and not find anything wrong.  If you are lucky you will put it back together and it may now function properly or at least not be any worse than before.

Knowing how to determine what is wrong is key to focus on the issue.  You can use this basic trouble shooting guide to help with that determination.

Backflow Repair Kits

Once you know what is wrong with the assembly you need to determine what kit to buy.  How do the kits come?  Can or should I just buy a part instead of a kit?  Is there an economical way to buy a kit?  What if I need two different components are they in the same kit?  Who sells them?

To just go to a local supply house you may find that they have one kit for the model you have.  It most likely is not the best kit for you.  I have seen that they are usually a rubber and spring kit for internal components or a total kit that includes all removable parts inside the assembly.  Rarely in my observation are these best for the buyer.  Each model usually has several different options to best suit your needs.

Talk to Someone!

You would probably find it beneficial to talk to someone either on the phone or even a conversation through email or texting.  Having been in this business for 20 years now I know the importance of asking questions to get the customer the right parts.  Sometimes it is just helpful to have someone tell you in normal language how to trouble shoot the assembly or what to look for.  We do this everyday with homeowners and contractors.

Information You Need to Know

Before you contact us you need to know a few things.  

  • Model
  • Brand
  • Size
  • What is wrong with the assembly? It leaks all the time, it leaks when a sprinkler zone or piece of equipment turns off, or does it pulse or something else?
  • When it leaks is it intermittent or continuous?  Is it a drip or a steady stream?
  • Where does it leak from?  Out an RV opening out of a cover, ball valve or body area?
  • If it has been tested and you are told it failed make sure all the information above is given to you and should be on a form that they give you.  Make sure it is clear how and why it failed.

Happy to Help!

We are happy to help you with questions and parts.  In a world that seems to be too much computer, too much internet it is nice to put a personal touch with our interactions with our customers. So give me a call or send me your question today! I hope this helps you to decide if you should repair the assembly yourself or hire it done. 

Hope to hear from you soon!



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